Wednesday, June 6, 2012

make money selling crafts.

Selling your at home crafts. Things you may need to know.

Does your product have value to people other than you, your family, and friends?

 Explore whether products like yours are available via online retailers and auction sites.

Do galleries or gifts shops in your community sell comparable items?

 Go outside your established circle of admirers.

 When buying craft, the first thing a customer often does is turn it over and inspect the finish.

Calculate if the price you must charge for your item is one the market will bear.

People are drawn to color and contrast, so design a presentation table, board, or display case that draws the eye to the object.

 Every label and business card should have your name, email, telephone number, website, address, etc. It won't sell if no one knows that it is available.

 Get to know your local craft community.

 Visit gift shops and ask that they take your work on consignment.

 Upscale hair salons and restaurants are high-traffic venues where the foot traffic feels good and has money to spend.

You could display work there.

You may experiment with new ideas and places.

Good luck let me know how it goes.

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